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Chilli Surfboards

Cheal loves seeing the best surfers in the world ride his boards but would take just as much pride in seeing one under your feet. That’s why he’s worked hard to create a model range that has something for everyone. Check them out on this site and find your next dream board.

Available in 50/50Technology:  Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; The 50/50 technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fiberglass cloth and Epoxy resin.


Pyzel Surfboards

Jon Pyzel has been part of the surfing community for as long as he can remember, growing up surfing from a young age in the historic surfing town of Santa Barbara, CA.  After traveling around  the world looking for good waves, Jon realized that he needed to live somewhere with better waves in warmer water, making a permanent move to the North Shore of Oahu in 1992.

Getting his start fixing dings in the legendary Country Surfboards  factory, Jon quickly learned the ins and outs of the craft,  working  as a hot coater, laminator,  ghost shaper and finally shaping under his own label. It was a great environment to learn from some of the best shapers and glassers in the industry.

The combination of being surrounded by many of the world’s most talented surfers and shapers, and the high quality of the surf have given Pyzel a great opportunity to build world-class surfboards, becoming one of the most sought after  shapers for all kinds of surfers and waves.

Designing and shaping each board from scratch, Pyzel knows every curve, bend, and turn on the  boards he builds. The result is master craftsmanship and attention to detail that only decades of experience and a good eye can provide.

Today Jon lives on the beach in Hawaii with his wife and 2 daughters,  runs the Pyzel Surfboards factory on the North Shore and travels to shape in Australia, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia and California  (and surfs pretty much every day).

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DVS Surfboards

Dick Van Straalen is one of the most innovative and creative shapers in Australia. A fine surfer, he started shaping his own boards as a teenager and learn his art on the Northern beaches in Sydney in the 1960’s. It was when he moved to Burleigh Heads and started shaping under his own label in the 70’s that he really blossomed. The hollow sand bottom point breaks on the Gold Coast and his shapes were a perfect match, and his down railed, pintails pioneered riding way back inside the tube at Burleigh and Kirra.

Since then he has progressed into a master shaper who over the last 50 years has hand shaped all different types of ocean going vehicles from Open Ocean Racing Paddleboards, to Longboards, Reef Runners, Guns, Fishes and the many other designs that his fertile imagination comes up with. His combinations of rocker, vee, tail lift and outline templates are unique and produce a smooth, manoeuvrable, fast ride that allows you to maintain a high speed line at all times.

The collection he has produced the Surfboard Agency are reproductions of 4 of the most popular of his “fun” boards. They are constructed using his favoured materials of EPS foam, carbon fibre and expoxy resin.


Campbell Brothers Surfboards

Past, Present and Future … come together in every Campbell Brothers three and five fin Bonzer, creating a dimension of timeless performance and enjoyment. The past is expressed through 38 years of shaping experience, and focused contemplation of surfboard design.

Channel Islands Surfboards

Since 1969, Channel Islands Surfboards has been dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality. Over the last 46 years, Channel Islands has grown from a local grass-roots operation to a cutting edge organization, catering to the best surfers in the world. It started with hard-core surfing and quality in mind and these guidelines have brought us through four decades of constant change in the surf industry.


FireWire Surfboards

Firewire continues to re-define the ‘FUTURE OF SHAPE’ remaining focused on achieving lighter and stronger surfboards, and optimizing flex to enhance performance. Whether it’s the WCT proven Future Shapes Technology (FST) or the latest developments like Linear Flex Technology (LFT), Firewire remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of surfboard design and materials.


Rusty Surfboards

“The Smoothie”

The Piranha was one of our most popular designs. It was primarily built for small surf, but it ended up being a very versatile board. We have re-tooled this design with a clean, full, round pin, and are calling it the Smoothie. It has a timeless outline designed to accommodate a wide range of conditions. The bottom starts with a slight roll in the nose transitioning to a light single through the center. This shallow single blends into a sunken double concave in front of the fins and an elevated double concave between the fins that finally ends in a double barrel vee of the tail. If you can’t appreciate the tech talk, just know that the board surfs fast & smooth.
“Sista Brotha”

Noa Deane’s latest the “Sista Brotha” is developed from his free-surfing travels. This performance shortboard excels in conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

The Sista Brotha features, a single to a double concave, moderate entry rocker and a low tail rocker with a fuller rail, making this lovely board that allows Noa to execute his arsenal of maneuvers without thinking twice…Sista Brotha from Noa Deane.

Stewart Surfboards

Stewart Surfboards, Bill’s first shop, was official opened in 1978 in the alley of Broken Dreams, Dana Point. Bill, by himself, hand painted, hand shaped, took orders, sold merch, literally running the register, in his tiny Laguna Beach shop. It was the spark of marrying his lovely bride Christy, and becoming the father of a son and daughter that fueled a new found seriousness for shaping boards. With his notoriety growing he put together a team that at the time included names like, Mike “snips” Parsons, Pat Allen, shane & Gavin Beschen.

Something Special

Coming Soon

Catch Surf Products

Catch Surf has perfected the soft surfboard, not only with color, styles, size range and design but function and durability.  The original Beater Board, logs, and skipper fish are among their diverse product line.

Surftech Stand Up Paddle Boards

From our humble beginnings over 25 years ago in the sleepy coastal town of Santa Cruz, California to becoming a globally recognized brand. We are part of a global community of surfers, paddlers, shapers, designers, and craftsman who are connected through surfing and paddling and the pursuit of perfection.

Torq Surfboards

Launched in 2012, Torq surfboards created a new standard in the epoxy surfboard market, offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance. This year sees the innovation step up a gear, with new shapes, new graphics and new technologies.

In the Epoxy range we have 2 new shapes – 5’11 and 6’10 MOD Fish – plus full colour graphic options, 4 new deck designs and a whole new LTD edition range.  These boards look insane and offer incredible value – bridging the gap between premium performance boards and durable epoxy sandwich boards.

New for 2015 is the Torq Polyester range. With 5 user friendly performance shapes, in different sizes, for surfers of all abilities, these boards are handmade in Portugal using the highest quality materials.

Torqu Polyester