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  • All dings, shatters and cracks
  • Broken Boards
  • Broken nose or tail
  • Cracked fins, FCS, Future, Lock Box etc.
  • De lams and buckles
  • Refurbish old boards
  • Anything fiberglass
  • All boards, surf tech, epoxy, PU, Board works, etc.
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Ding Repair 101

Accessing the damage is a priority. After washing the tears away, we need to analyze carefully how seriously hurt is the surfboard. If you’ve broken the magic stick in two, you should consider visiting a professional shaper.

If you’re simply repairing a small/medium crack, then you can do it yourself. No worries. In the end, the ultimate goal is to protect the core, the inner foam, from the destructive power of salted water.

Water can easily and quickly damage your surfboard forever. If your board is not properly sealed against H2O, it will become yellow, heavy and rotten with time.

Forget the old surfers’ formula: tape and wax. While it may be a temporary solution, it is definitely not the recommended way to fix dings.

Don’t wait until the surf is up to get your board repaired! With over 17 years experience Miller’s Fiberglassing will take care of all your fiberglassing needs! Drop by the shop for an estimate and get your board back in just a few days… Hands down the best work around!


Damaged Board
Once you realize that you have a Ding in your board you should get it out of the water. The foam core of the board will act like a sponge and soak up the salt water.
Bring Board into Shop
Bring your board in for inspection to asses any damages done and get an estimate from our professional sales staff.
Repair in progress
Our professional repair service will have your board back to you in no time!
Repaired board is ready for action