Election Day Swell

Election Day Swell

We are looking at a good sized pulse of ENE swell for Election Day and into Wednesday!  A strong Low Pressure system is spinning over the Western Atlantic and interacting with High Pressure over the NE Sates.  If you look at the Buoy forecast for the 8th below you will see the solid blue line peaking above 6′.  The red dot above represents the swell period.  You can see that through the early afternoon Tuesday we will see the swell peak 6′-7′ at 12 seconds.  Through Wednesday we can see the swell height decrease while the swell period holds just below 12 seconds.. So, the next two days we will see a solid shot of ESE swell hitting the area beaches.  With WNW winds forecast conditions should be clean..

Enjoy and surf Safe!

Water Temp: 58 degrees

High Tide Tuesday: 7:00 am

Low Tide Tuesday: 1:20 pm