Recipe of the Month

Recipe of the Month

Ma Beck’s Clam Bake

Now there are a ton of recipes out there for clam bakes and they may all be similar, however my mom would make this! So yes, it is special as all meals cooked by your mom are prepared with Love.


– 50 top neck clams in shell, scrubbed

-Old Bay or your favorite crab seasoning

– 2 Cans of Budweiser beer

– 1 LB Shrimp not pealed

– 4 Ears of corn, halfed

– 12 Chicken legs

Here We Go!

After scrubbing clams, place in a large pot and add beer.  Sprinkle generously with crab seasoning.  Layer with chicken legs on top and sprinkle with crab seasoning as well.  Steam until chicken is nearly done, then layer with corn and yet another sprinkling of crab seasoning.  When corn is done layer with shrimp, and yes you guessed it, more crab seasoning.  Steam for only 2-3 minutes as shrimp cook quickly.  And then, hit the Table!!! A French baguette on the side is suggested as well.. For a winter adaptation, sear sausage in pot before adding clams!!

Bon Appetite