Surf Forecast

Hello, this is Andrew Funk with your Ocean City NJ Surf Forecast as of Wednesday Oct. 21st

Cat 3 Hurricane Epsilon is spinning in the Atlantic and interacting with an area of High Pressure to the North..

The surf will build through the afternoon/evening Thursday and into Friday AM before easing some Friday afternoon..

Surf continues to hold through Saturday and will slowly begin to fade Sunday…


Surf builds through the day with wave heights in the 4′-5’++ range, High Tide is at 12:45pm.

Winds are forecast to be light SSE 5-10 mph..


Surf looks to build through the morning incoming tide, wave heights in the 6′-8’+ zone.. High Tide: 1:45pm

Winds look to be light ESE through the day.



ESE swell holds with wave heights in the 6′-8’++ range Swell period of 12 Sec and swell direction may have a few beaches a bit walled out..

High Tide: 2:45pm

Local winds are forecast to be SW around 10 mph



ESE swell will slowly begin to wane but we should still see sets in the 5′-6’++ range… Local winds are forecast NNE 5-10MPH

Low Tide: 9:40AM  High: 3:30pm

Ocean Temp: 65 degrees