Tropical Relief

Tropical Relief

The Tropics have finally come alive as we head into the last two weeks of August… Tropical Storm Fiona is trying to hold herself together as she encounters some wind shear..  With sustained winds around 40 mph she is barely a Tropical Storm but as wave starved as we have been we will take anything.. We are expecting a pulse of energy from this system late Wednesday afternoon through Saturday.. Wave heights generally look to be in the 2′-3′ range….

Two other area of interest are Invest 99L and Invest 90L

Invest 99L 2016Invest 99L

This area of storms is forecast to intensify slowly as it moves towards the Caribbean over the next several days..

Invest 90L 2016Invest 90L

This soon to be storm has me excited… The models have tagged this to be the next Hurricane over the next several days.. With the track towards the middle of the Atlantic it won’t pose any direct risk to life or property but it will send the entire East Coast Swell….  Yes, as early Sunday August 28th the whole East Coast could begin to see SE swell lines hitting the local breaks.. Its really early yet, but who cares its fun to imagine how good it could get…  A week of surf over 5′ sounds really, really good!!