Ocean City NJ Live Wave Camera - Gardens Plaza

Best Tide: Low to Mid, Incoming

Best Swell Direction: SSE swell

Optimal Wind: NW


3rd Street can handle good sized waves!  When other beaches are closed out this jetty usually performs.  The ideal wind for this spot is a NW wind although, it will take a N and W wind ok.  This break offers an open lineup with 3 take off spots.. If the lineup gets too busy its a short paddle up the beach to 2nd and then down to 4th…



One setback for this break is the High Tide… 3rd St likes a lower/mid tide coming in…  Also when their is a swell running their is usually a reverse current… This current slowly pulls surfers towards the Jetty, no matter what the wind/current is, which makes for an interesting lineup when the surf is UP…