Body Glove – Rip Curl – O’Neill – Quiksilver –  Billabong

The water temperatures along the New Jersey Shore can fluctuate from the low 30’s during the winter Months to the mid 80’s in the summer.  Depending on the time of year you want hit the surf Surfers Supplies has your wetsuit needs covered for Men, Women and Kids!

During the Fall and Winter months the shop will be stocked with 4/3mm, 5mm & 6mm Full wetsuits along with you 5mm & 7mm boots and gloves.  Spring/Summer months you will find plenty of 3/2mm full wetsuits, spring suits, wetsuit tops, short-sleeve full wetsuits and plenty of surf shirts and lycra rash guards.

Body Glove Wetsuits

In 1953, twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell co-founded Body Glove when they designed the first practical wetsuit. Almost 60 years later Body Glove is one of very few family owned surf/dive brands in the world.


Rip Curl Wetsuits

Surfing is like nothing else.
It’s frozen hands & fumbling keys.
It’s being cleaned up by a closeout & coming up laughing.
Surfing is rubber arms and a dry wetsuit.
It’s the first duck dive on a cold morning.
It’s hot food, car heaters & the smell of coffee.
Surfing is paddling out somewhere you’ve never been.
It’s step-ups, broken boards and long swims.
It’s “How is it?” & “Had a couple?”
Surfing is sitting in the lineup alone under a pale winter sun.
It’s talking story in the parking lot later.
It’s the promise of warm water five hours away.
Surfing is knowing that it’s winter somewhere.
Surfing is who we are..