Winter Storm Grayson

Winter Storm Grayson

Winter Storm Grayson is set to explode off the coast Thursday.. With Central Pressure getting down to 952mlb.  We hope this storm stays out to sea in hopes of avoiding any severe damage… As of Tuesday evening it is forecast to stay mostly out to sea. The weather service is forecasting 3″-6″ of snow in our local area Thursday… Local winds are forecast to be from the NNW turning WNW around 25 mph.. Conditions may be a bit tough with blowing snow and strong winds, but the surf will pick UP… We are anticipating wave heights to be in the 4′-5’+ range through the day Thursday with locally bigger sets..

Lingering surf is forecast Friday morning however strong freezing NW winds are also forecast…

Keep in mind the Ocean Temp is 31 degrees!!

Be Safe.. SS